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+41 44 586 5055


+41 44 586 5055


Gewerbestrasse 14, 8800 Thalwil, Switzerland

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Our Egyptian partner

IOMS-International organization for managerial sciences 

Address ;Tower 1, Entrance 1, Floor 6, El Serag mall،nasr city، Cairo Governorate.

International organization for managerial sciences

An authentic Egyptian learning provider aspiring to leave a legacy in the field of education and personal development

Since 2018 we are providing high quality education for thousands till now and within the next decade we will be a leading guru in teaching the latest philosophies and theories of business management.

(I)nspiration for a better future and business career for individuals as well as corporations.

(O)rientation towards success and cutting edge technology of managerial science for all learners in Egypt and worldwide

(M)arket relevant based knowledge and skills as a training methodology to equip the learner with the crucial and mandatory formulas of leading .

(S)specialized services based on academic integrity and professional flexibility

IOMS is born to be perfectionist.

CONTACT US Mobile: (+20) 1000013856