Hospitality/Business Uniform for normal classday

SSBH expects students to adhere to its uniform standards, the specifications for which are: All students of SSBH are required to wear the hospitality/business uniform dress code provided by the school during class hours. Appearance must be immaculate and clothes must be absolutely clean, always be ironed and presentable. Hospitality/business uniform dress code is defined as: 


Female Students: 

  • Hair must tied up into a neat updo if it’s long
  • Black business suit without pinstripe and a plain white blouse only, with appropriate black stockings or tights and black plain shoes. 
  • All female students must wear a scarf knotted on the left side of their neck above the name badge. 
  • Shoes must be black pumps. 
  • Heels that higher than 7cm are unacceptable. 
  • No jeans or casual clothes are allowed during the Institute’s hours of operation. 


Male Students: 

  • Hair is fixed backwards and cut short
  • Black business suit without pinstripe and a plain white shirt only, with tie, dark socks and black plain shoes. No jeans or casual clothes are allowed.

Professional Uniforms for Practical classes

Professional uniforms are to be worn during kitchen and service practical lessons, as well as during all duties. Long sleeved shirts worn with professional uniform must not at any time be ‘rolled up’ from the cuff except when undertaking washing duties. Students are not allowed to wear professional uniforms outside of SSBH Campus unless on specific and authorised occasions. Student identity/name badges must be kept with them at all times when on the SSBH premises. 


Kitchen uniform for both men and women is the same and includes: 

  • Chef jackets – white colour only, – long sleeves, (We recommend 2 pieces; 1 to wear, 1 for washing) 
  • Chef pants (1 pc)- either all black or black-white checkered 
  • Chef aprons (2 pc) -white colour only – knee length 
  • Chef shoes (1 pair) – either all black or all white – close toed, anti-slip 
  • Chef necktie – white colour only 

Hairnets or kitchen hats must be worn at all times during kitchen practicals and by all students when working at the service counter in the SSBH Campus Restaurant.



For the Hospitality Students, they are obligated to wear the Hospitality uniforms

Students should wear and follow proper dress code when in class. 

No jeans or simple casual clothes are allowed. These clothes are only allowed when the student is not in the school premises.