Program brief

In this program, students will learn the best techniques to run a business. The program will cover all managerial aspects and skills. Students will learn about business laws, ethics and strategies.

Also, they will improve their professional communication skills, personal development skills and managing people skills. By the end of this program, the students will have strong managerial skills which will allow them to join the workforce with confidence and excel in their career.

The program duration is 4 months Students will study selected modules specialized in business administration. They will finish each module within a period of 4 weeks.

Once they graduate, students will earn a Foundation Diploma and in addition a level 3 UK diploma issued by ATHE with an additional fee.

It has been designed for learners who wish to progress to a business or management degree but may not have the traditional entry qualifications usually required

Progression into BBA


4 months / 30 ECTS


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Online offered only

  1. High school or equivalent (demanded level depend on country of high school degree)
  2. IELTS 4.5 or equivalent

Passed all courses (assignments per course)

Memberships/ Accreditations

ISO, ATHE, Eduqua

Program Details

How Businesses Operate
Marketing Principles and Techniques
Academic and Research Skills for Business
Communication Skills for Business