Program brief

In this program, students will learn the best strategies of managing funds and financial management. This program is designed to provide students with all the quantitative and qualitative skills they need in order to shine in the field of finance.

Also, the program will cover vital topics in the finance field such as time value of money and interest rate, portfolio management, banking, insurance and financial markets. This program is suitable for students who want to advance their career in the finance field.

The program duration is 2 years. Students will study selected modules specialized in Finance. They will finish each module within a period of 4 weeks. Once they graduate, students will be awarded MBA in Finance and in addition a level 7 UK diploma issued by ATHE with an additional fee.

Teaching method is a mixture of tutor based and self study based training during the specialization courses.

  • Master degree from SSBH Switzerland.
  • Level 7 UK Diploma with an additional fee.
  • Students will get the best of British and Swiss experience in the field of Finance.
  • Lecturers with excellent experience in the field of Finance.
  • The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience.
  • Students have the choice to obtain a British MBA Degree with an additional fee.
  • Students will experience real life cases during their internship

There are sample career opportunities in today’s world for individual who are specialized in Finance:

  • Fund Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Management
  • Banks
  • Risk Management
  • Auditing
  • And many more


10/22 months (with internship option)


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Online offered only

  • Minimum of a recognised university degree in a relevant hospitality, tourism or management subject. OR
  • Non-graduates and holders of non-relevant degrees – A minimum of 5 years of evidenced work experience at managerial level OR
  • Successful completion of a Level 6 Professional Diploma.

All students without English as a first language must hold at least IELTS 6.0 or other evidence of competence in English at this level. Letter from University confirming the course was delivered and assessed in English.

Assessment for each course has to be passed. Final project passed

Memberships/ Accreditations

Eduqua, ISO, ATHE, ACBSP Candidate status

Program Details

Core Courses
Strategic Planning
Finance for Strategic Managers
Research for Strategic Development
Organisational Behaviour
Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management
International Finance courses
International Business Environment
Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction
International Finance
Final project