Program brief

Purpose of the Qualification

The purpose is to provide a qualification that:

  • develops skills of leadership through hospitality and events management education;
  • offer opportunities to students who wish to pursue managerial careers in general business, hospitality, and events industries;
  • develops flexible approaches to programme delivery and student support which reflect the needs and expectations of our students;
  • provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment which will enable success for all learners;
  • encourages the development of students’ intellectual and imaginative powers, creativity,independent judgement, critical self-awareness, imagination and skills that will enhance global employment opportunities on graduation in all programmes;
  • establishes a culture of constant improvement in learning, teaching and assessment that is anticipatory, enabling, supportive, rewarding and fully aligned with IMI`s vision and strategic objectives, and;
  • provides a learning experience that is informed by research, scholarship, reflective practice and engagement with industry and the professions.

To get a job in a global growth industry.

  • Hotel management.Event manager
  • Revenue managers.
  • Sales managers.
  • Restaurant managers.
  • Human resources managers.
  • Country club managers.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Academia.


10/22 months (with internship option)


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Online offered only

  • Minimum of a recognised university degree in a relevant hospitality, tourism or management subject. Equivalence for non-UK degrees should be evaluated through NARIC.
  • Non-graduates and holders of non-relevant degrees – A minimum of 5 years of evidenced work experience at managerial level within the hospitality & tourism industries.
  • Successful completion of a Level 6 Professional Diploma.

All students without English as a first language must hold at least IELTS 6.0 or other evidence of competence in English at this level. Or by Letter from a University confirming the student has studied a program and passed where the course was delivered and assessed in English.

Passing all 8 core modules and final project

Memberships/ Accreditations

Eduqua, ISO, ATHE

Program Details

Level UK Credits GLH ECTS Assessment
Program Details (courses) Events Venues & Facilities Management 7 20 60 10 Coursework assessment – Operations report
Hospitality Operations 7 10 30 5 Coursework assessment – Operations report
New Venture Creation & Innovation in Events 7 20 60 10 Coursework assessment – Group elevator pitch (40%), Group business plan and Oral presentation (60%)
Competitive Strategies in Hospitality 7 10 30 5 Coursework assessment – Case study report & presentation report
International HRM in Events 7 10 30 5 Examination
Finance & Project Management for Events 7 20 60 10 50% Examination 50% Coursework assessment – Group case study
Live Events 7 15 45 7.5 Coursework assessment – Group event management plan, report and presentation (70%), Individual post-event reflective report (30%)
Contemporary Conference Management 7 15 45 7.5 50% Examination 50% Coursework assessment – Group case study
Final project 7 30 0 15
Total 150 360 75
Course details Events Venues & Facilities Management : An understanding of the role venues and spaces play in strategic event strategy, as well as the legal and administrative aspects.
Managerial Finance: Key accounting and finance practice, evaluation and associated decision-making tools.
Hospitality Operations : An understanding of hospitality operations & their implications for business output, as well as how these function through a systematic approach.
New Venture Creation & Innovation in Events: The generation, design and development of an initial business idea to creating a business plan & securing funding.
Competitive Strategies in Hospitality: The impact of external & internal influences on organisational business strategy creation in relation to competitive strategies
International HRM in Events: An awareness of the issues surrounding the management of people in hospitality and events.
Finance & project management for Events: Budgeting, revenue management, pricing, project management skills and knowledge in an event setting.
Live Events: Including operations, logistics, supply chains, client briefs, staffing, planning, food & beverage operations, security, post-event evaluation and client feedback.
Contemporary Conference Management: Including an understanding of new market forces, changing client and participant needs and expectations, and economic pressures.