SSBH history


SSBH started in 2013, initially established in the canton of Zug – Switzerland.


In 2015 SSBH started to run the programs in the canton of Vaud, together with our Language center partners.


In 2016, SSBH initiated the process to apply for our own Eduqua and ISO certification.


In 2017 we successfully achieved both Eduqua and ISO certification.


In 2019, SSBH moved to the new campus in Thawil (Canton of Zurich) with better facilities.

In 2019, SSBH started to run the programs in the Middle East. 

In 2019, SSBH started to run dual programs with Vision College in Malaysia where the students can study a Swiss degree in Malaysia and go on an internship around the world like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai…


In 2020, SSBH expects to open the new Hotel Campus in Switzerland and start a new developed Hospitality program with dual or triple degrees from 3 different partners in 3 different countries.

Due to Covid-19 plans to open the new campus has had  to be suspended indefinitely, as Switzerland closed down to help stop the spread of the virus and hopefully stop the pandemic.