Swiss Excursions


If students happen to come by on Summer, they will have the chance to join our summer package which will include:


During Winter, students will have more indoor excursions and have a skiing experience:

City Tours


Although, there are no beaches in Switzerland, Swiss has managed to still experience to play beach volleyball with a space covered with a sand, usually near lakes or on their athletic centers.

There are wellness centers that provides space for badminton plays

Very famous sports in Switzerland, Football is played by many and can even join football clubs

Switzerland has open and covered pools and even thermal pools that swimmers would like to practice their swimming or just simply have fun.

Although, not so popular sports in Switzerland to play, there are still Basketball courts for everyone, usually located in the Athletic Center of the Canton.

Parties & Fun

While in Switzerland, you are an Expat! Join Expat events to mingle with almost all race. There is an activity every week, and you can sort all of it based on your interest.

This would be perfect for Hospitality Students or students who International English Speaking Communities