1- Immigration Authorities

You must comply with every requirement requested by the Immigration Authorities at all times.

On receipt of the Application fees, MGW will provide written confirmation of your program

If during your program, you need to extend your Visa then you are responsible for ensuring that the extension is obtained.  MGW or MGW partners will give you the appropriate documents only if you comply with these Terms & Conditions.

If MGW or an MGW partner considers that you do not intend to follow the program or are not able to study, it may not allow you to enroll in the program.

2- Application and Tuition Fees

You need to ensure that you have sufficient time to obtain a Visa ( if you are required a visa to stay)

You must pay the remainder of unpaid Tuition fee, Application fee and any Additional fees in full amount before the date of your admission.

Once paid, Tuition Fees and Application Fees are non-transferable.

Tuition fees do not include materials or services you might require during your study, for example, textbooks…

Application Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable

3- Administration of Programs

If you fail to enroll or to complete your program, you will be excluded from your program and will be unable to transfer\ change to another program or get a refund

If you wish to change the date of admission, you should report to the Admissions Department at least two months before the start date of your admission.

In this case, you might have to pay the difference between tuition fees paid and tuition fees with due date plus an  Administration charge of 100 USD.

4- Enrollment

To register for a course, simply fill up the Enrolment Form and send it to our national representative or alternatively enroll by sending an email to admission@mgworld.education. You will receive a written email confirmation of your application and an invoice for your fees in return.

Visa students: please attach a copy of your passport.

Students who wish to apply for a student visa will be required to fill in other forms and provide further supporting documents in line with the Visas and Immigration regulations at the time of the application. Please contact us for more details.

5- Insurance

To follow Immigration rules requiring everyone to have insurance and for the safety of our students, Our schools require students to have adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending schools. Our schools reserve the right to require proof of insurance and, where proof is not available, students must immediately purchase at least one-week insurance from a recognized approved Swiss-based provider. If a student is unable to purchase within the first week of arrival, MGW will apply a week of insurance for the student and will reserve the right to claim this cost from uninsured students, and during this week students must purchase insurance for their entire stay. Uninsured students may not attend class until proof of insurance is available and will not be refunded for missed lessons.

6- Visa Students

In accordance with Visas and Immigration guidelines, we require payment of fees in full, Before SSBH can issue the Admission Letter. Students must notify MGW immediately in the case of refusal or any changes to their status.

Refusal: If you fail to obtain your visa, you will receive a refund of the total amount except for a USD 500 administration fee only after we receive written documentation from the consulate of your visa denial. Please note that there will also be a charge of one week’s homestay accommodation fees for any cancellation or postponement notified less than 14 days before the start of the course. Specific terms will apply to residential accommodation.

7- Health

Students must inform MGW of any mental or physical condition, allergy, or disability that may interfere with the completion of their course, affecting the health and well-being of others or require special accommodation or treatment. MGW will not be responsible in case of any misrepresentation or willful omission of information on the student’s part.

8- Disabled Students

MGW is happy to give advice to disabled students and to assist them in choosing a program that will meet their requirements. At the time of application, Students should provide the full details in writing regarding any disability and any special requirements as a result of this to SSBH in order for the school to be able to prepare and properly assist.

9- Services

SSBH reserves the right to change details of its services, including courses, facilities, locations and course dates where circumstances beyond the company’s control necessitate such changes, or where the number of students enrolled is not enough to operate a course viably. External Classroom – During busy periods, students may be taught off-site. Further details will be available on the first day.

10- Exam courses and Exam Fees

Exam fees or other costs related to exams and official tests are not included in the fees.

11- Public Holidays and our term dates

Relevant dates can be found on the respective country’s embassy websites. Schools do not hold any lessons on Published Bank Holidays and these days are non-refundable.

12- Student Holidays

Long stay students can arrange a holiday break of 2 weeks per 12 weeks of study (maximum 2 weeks at any one time) with a corresponding extension of their course ending date (subject to visa conditions where applicable). All holidays must be taken at least 4 weeks before the course ending date and must be requested a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the holiday period.

13- Social Program

We organize a number of social programs, including low-cost weekend coach excursions and a selection of free and good value local activities and visits. For updated information on our weekly social program schedule and approximate costs, please visit our School Facebook pages.

14- Resolution of Disputes

In the event of a dispute between a student and the school, procedures are in place to facilitate the resolution of the dispute. Complaints should first be made to the school Principal or center Manager. Each complaint will be fully investigated provided that it is received within 30 days of the course ending and all fees have been paid. If the matter is not resolved, the student should complain in writing to the MGW head office.

15- Attendance

Students must attend a minimum of 90% of their classes, otherwise, they may lose their place in the course. Students will receive the first warning letter when missing 5% of the class, and 2nd warning when they reached 10% per quarter. When a student misses 10% a month, the Student will automatically fail the course. No refunds will be given and where applicable the Home office will be informed. Any student who does not meet this will not receive an end of course certificate of attendance. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the reception of all illnesses and absences, provided that they can show a medical certificate.

Preparation programs where the program is not paid separately a 100% attendance is demanded. Cases of sickness are to be informed to the local training center.

16- Accommodation

Accommodation is subject to availability. Other accommodation options may be available upon request; please contact us for more details. All accommodation charges must be paid to SSBH directly and all prices are per person per month unless stated otherwise.

17- Deposit and damage of property

In the event of damage to property; students must pay the full cost. Student booking residential accommodation may be required to pay a deposit on arrival. The deposit will be returned on the student’s departure provided there is no damage, loss or extra cleaning to be paid for.

18- Changes to Programs and student behavior

If SSBH cancels a program after a student’s enrollment, SSBH will refund all monies already paid by the student. However, we reserve the right to suspend or expel a student for misconduct deemed to be behavior that repeatedly upsets the harmony of the school, without a refund of fees.

19- Force Majeure

SSBH will not be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the student as a result of causes beyond our reasonable control. Such causes shall include but shall not be limited to riot, war, the threat of war, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions, and infectious diseases.

20- Cancellation, reduction or shortening of courses after arrival

Visa students: Students who require a visa cannot shorten or reduce the number of lessons of their course due to the terms of their visa.

SSBH pre-programs: Students joining the pre-programs offered by SSBH will, in the event of a refusal of visa have refunds depending on which program they joined.

Application fees are non-refundable. Bank fees and charges will be deducted. Please always send fees to cover all bank charges.

Accommodation fees: For bookings of 7 weeks or fewer, there will be no accommodation refund. For bookings of 8 weeks and over, students must give notice in writing 4 weeks prior to termination; otherwise, a 4-week cancellation fee will apply. Specific terms will apply to residential accommodation.


No refund or credit will be offered for students who wish to change a program or cancel after payment. Only in case of no visa for visa students, there is a refund. For non-visa students, no refund is given of paid fees except in the case of a visa refusal.

Any refund due will be paid to the person or organization who originally paid the fees and will be made within 45 calendar days of written confirmation (not counting public holidays).

SSBH will only do a refund if a visa application is refused, provided that:

      • You are required to send to SSBH refusal documents from Immigration Authorities, stating refusal reasons.
      • You will not get a refund if your refusal visa application is due to your own mistakes, you have not followed visa steps when applying for a visa, including the submission of fraudulent documents. Documentation that all requests from authorities have been fully answered has to be provided with the visa refusal letter. SSBH will not give a refund once you obtain a visa but decide not to enroll in the program
      • SSBH will make a refund directly to the student or partner/agent that made the payment
      • Application Fees are non-refundable in any circumstances.
      • SSBH is not responsible for any visa refusal case. If the Visa refusal comes from our fault, we help you to reapply. No additional compensation will be given.

21- Airport Transfers

Flight details including date and time of arrival, flight numbers, airline, and airport terminal must be advised 7 days prior to arrival. Students requesting an airport transfer should also provide their mobile number including the international area code. Airport transfer fees include a maximum of 1 hour waiting time. In the event of a delay exceeding 1 hour, students will be charged the additional fee at the school. Up to 3 students traveling on the same flight can request a share transfer (please add USD 10 for each extra passenger and USD 10 for each extra drop off).

For those students who have booked a pick upon arrival, we will send an Arrival to pick up Confirmation to reconfirm the student’s flight details and arrival time. Students who have requested a departure transfer should speak to our School Administrators a few days before departure in order to agree to a pick-up time and collect their Departure Transfer Confirmation.

22- Payment

All course fees must be paid in full at least 14 days before your course start date. In the case of late bookings, you should pay immediately with your enrollment form in order to secure a place in the course.

The following methods of payment are acceptable:

Only bank transfers to SSBH Bank account are accepted. Fees are paid in either USD, CHF, GBP or Euro.

All bank charges must be paid in advance by the sender. Please send a copy of the transfer document to SSBH with all payments and specifics: Student’s name, Centre, Dates and Invoice number. Please notice by paying the invoice you accept these terms and conditions.

23- Conduct and Discipline

SSBH reserves the right to expel you from your program for unacceptable behavior or lack of attendance. No refund will be given once you are expelled from your program.

If you intentionally or negligently damage our own property, you might have to pay the full cost of repairing or replacing that property

24- Liability

SSBH  will not be responsible for any property loss or damage which arises out of or in connection with or consequence of your use of SSBH’s premises.

SSBH will not be liable for the safekeeping and delivery of any post sent to you at SSBH campus

25- Queries and Complaints

You should report to the Admission Department of SSBH any issues that make you feel unhappy with the programs such as teachers, exams, school facilities, etc.SSBH is willing to listen to you and try to provide better services.H

Valid from 04.12.2019. The latest version of terms and conditions are always updated on NEWs website and replace any earlier versions.