Why Choose SSBH

Simply because we care

We care for every little detail in the educational journey of our students and cater to all our students’ needs. We provide sound educational advice and walk through all the steps with our students until they become the stars they aspire to be. You can explore the world while studying with us. We have built up our network internationally in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Egypt, and more, creating more opportunities and freedom for students to study anywhere, at any level desired.

Students from both Business and Hospitality programs have a wide range of SSBH partners to choose from for further study.


Quality of Education and experience with a modern teaching method

We believe that education and learning should be enjoyable. Students should learn theory and have practical experience all while enjoying the learning process.

We focus on having younger faculty that are aware that they need to interact with the students in a fun and interesting manner in order to make learning a more enjoyable experience.

The quality of our teaching does not incorporate boring exams or heavy readings but is instead focused on having the students learn by active learning during class and by presenting assignments and projects.

Programs with guaranteed internship options and job placements with first placement in international hotels

Our MBA programs all include about 50% of the study time being conducted as active learning in internships. The internships can be globally organized. (optional)

Learning Experience

An intercontinental learning experience

The world is changing. To only have a Swiss degree in itself might not guarantee you the future job you want. Across the world people have different ideas about what a degree should consist of.

Experience a caring environment at a modern campus in a city

Most of the Swiss schools are located in very remote areas. SSBH campus is in Zurich. A modern metropolitan city.