Why Choose SSBH

Simply because we care

We care for every little detail in the educational journey of our students and cater to all our students’ needs. We provide sound educational advice and walk through all the steps with our students until they become the stars they aspire to be. You can explore the world while studying with us. We have built up our network internationally in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Egypt, and more, creating more opportunities and freedom for students to study anywhere, at any level desired.

Students from both Business and Hospitality programs have a wide range of SSBH partners to choose from for further study.


Quality of Education and experience with a modern teaching method

We believe that education and learning should be enjoyable. Students should learn theory and have practical experience all while enjoying the learning process.

We focus on having younger faculty that are aware that they need to interact with the students in a fun and interesting manner in order to make learning a more enjoyable experience.

The quality of our teaching does not incorporate boring exams or heavy readings but is instead focused on having the students learn by active learning during class and by presenting assignments and projects.

Programs with guaranteed internships, job placements and an international approach.

Our MBA programs all include internships, so our students gain real life experience in the field they have chosen while studying, thus giving them an advantage in the job field. About 50% of the students time will be conducted as active learning, through internships. Uniquely we also offer our students the opportunity to complete their internship globally, as we firmly believe it should be possible to get an international education. We strive to place our students in international positions, which will give them both personal and professional experience in dealing with cultures, and culture clashes.

Learning Experience

An intercontinental learning experience

As the world changes and becomes increasingly globalised, a degree from a single country is in some cases not enough to secure an international position. Across the world people have different ideas about what a degree should consist of. Therefore, SSBH gives our students the opportunity to obtain an international degree. By offering  a dual degree, we hope to secure our students future and grant them better job security. Our dual degree combine Swiss and British education, and grant the students degrees from both countries. 

Experience Swiss student life in the city

Most Swiss schools are located in remote areas, cities or simply far out in the mountains. It grants the schools the ability to keep a bigger campus, and thereby have more students. However, if students wish to secure a job, it is next to impossible so far out, as German or French would be required. SSBH has chosen set ourselves apart from other schools, by setting up campus by the Lake of Zurich, also known among locals as Zürichsee. The campus itself is located in Thalwil, only 10 minutes away by train from Zurich City Center, offering easy access to a metropolitan city. Zurich offers many job opportunities, and freetime activities. Zurich is one of the worlds centre’s for banking, finance as well as hospitality. Furthermore, Zurich offers many activities year around. In the summer there will be festivals, fairs and opportunities to swim in the lake. In the winter Zurich hosts Christmas markets, ice skating rinks and skiing slopes. All those activities and many more will be right outside campus. Thalwil itself also boasts a myriad of shops and opportunities, with the most noticeable being the trainstation with direct trains to all metropolitan cities in Switzerland, and even direct connections to Italy. With distances in Switzerland being far shorter than most students are used to, it is possible to take one-day trips to surrounding countries.